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Period:            January 2018 – July 2018

Time:              Monday 12.00 -12.45h

Location:        F4-119, Academic Medical Center    





1 January


8 January

Kevin Stroek – Optimalisation of AGS screening

15 January  

Paul de Goede – Daily rhythms in muscle metabolism

22 January

Sanne de Wit – Pavlovian instrumental transfer in lean and obese subjects

29 January

Madelief Wijdeveld – Appetite regulation and postprandial metabolism in subjects with low and high intestinal SCFA acetate producers – the HELIUS study

5 February 

Aurea Blancas – Lateral habenula and food reward

12 February 

Fernando Cazarez Marquez – Metabolic effects of kisspeptin and RFRP

19 February 

Laura Koekkoek – Effects of fat and sugar on brain and metabolism

26 February  

Jolanda Naafs – new project

5 March

Joram Mul – Exercise and metabolism

12 March

Omrum Aydin – Small intestinal L cell number as potential predictor of hypoglycemia episodes 1 year after postbariatric surgery

19 March 

Charlene Diepenbroek – Neural innervation of pancreas

26 March  

Charlotte Heinen – Neonatal thyroid hormone concentrations

2 April 


9 April  

Anayanci Masis Vargas – Effects of light-at-night on energy metabolism

16 April  

Martin Kalsbeek – Human hypothalamic neuron-microglia interaction in obesity and type 2 diabetes

23 April

Muzeyyen Ugur  – Opioid receptors in the lateral hypothalamus

30 April 

Irina Milanova – Microglial immunometabolism in obesity

7 May 

Marieke Tebbens: The effect of cross gender sex steroid administration on marrow fat and body fat distribution (study design)

14 May

Katy van Galen aan het einde van het komend half jaar: SUGAR trial, preliminary data

21 May  


28 May   

Sabrina Oussaada: Early effects of bariatric surgery on glucose metabolism

4 June   

Niek Dirks –

11 June 

Xiaolan Wang – The molecular clock of microglia and hypothalamic neuronal activity in metabolic control

18 June    

Murat Kilicarslan: Predictors of metabolic health after bariatric surgery

25 June

Emma Meessen – Effect of total parenteral feeding on the postprandial bile acid response